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Working from Home

Ready to get your time back?

Supercharge your time with the power of data and automation.

As a software engineer, I witnessed the power of data and automation first-hand.


I saw how we were able to build out systems that allowed us to fulfill 6-figure contracts in minutes.


I want to help solopreneurs, creators, and small businesses harness that power for themselves! NO coding needed.

Sounds exciting, right?

"Making Data Work For You"

Join me in this self-paced course where you will learn the basics of data, automation, and how to begin saving time and frustration through data.

Supercharge your time

In this course, you will learn how to improve your life by building your customer relationship management system! But first, we will take a deep dive into:

What is data?
Why is data valuable?
Why should you collect data?
What can you do with data?
How can you take control of your data?
What is Web3 and what can it do for your data?

BONUS Features

Create your own NFT wallet and receive an NFT on completion of the course
NFT grants access to an exclusive Alumni Community

Beginning December (date releasing soon), this course is self-paced with brand new material added every week.

Digital Mind

Data is Everywhere

How do you think about data? How do you think about YOUR data? Making your data work for you will save you a lot of time and effort in many facets of life!


How do I get started?

This course covers all the basics on data and data collection, no previous experience needed! With this course, you will have the power to supercharge any data set and begin setting up life changing automations.


What can I do with my data?

The opportunities are endless! Together we will learn how to build a relationship management system, but that is only the beginning of an easier, data filled life.

What's the investment?


Can’t pay $200? Use any of these discount codes to pay what you can. This knowledge is for everyone!


Screen Shot 2021-08-12 at 5.33.30 PM.png

My Journey

I've been obsessed with data and automation for a long time now. With over a decade of experience as a software engineer, I realized that automation helped me out in several ways. As someone with ADHD, I've found automation to be a life-saver. I can build systems that can help me overcome my challenges, remind me when things need to be done, and ensure that things can run without me having to remember them. Find out how much time and energy you can save with the power of data and automation.

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